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Rebune Hot Normal & Cold Water Dispenser RE-8-013(Compressor Cooling)

16,000.00 KShs

  • Hot & Cold (Compressor Cooling)
  • 3 Faucets (Hot, Normal & Cold Taps)
  • Glass Storage Cabinet
  • Cold Water Tank Capacity :3.2L
  • Hot Water Tank Capacity: 0.8L
  • Cooling Capacity : 2L/h (5-10 C )
  • Heating Capacity: 5L/h (85-95 C )
  • Cooling Power :90W(With Cabinet) 100W(With Refrigerator)
  • Heating Power: 550W

Warranty: 1 Year on Product

Weight 19 kg
Dispenser Type

Hot Normal and Cold

Dispenser Size

Free Standing Dispenser

Cooling Type

Compressor Cooling


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