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Bruhm Hot & Normal Water Dispenser with Cup Holder-BWD HN 10T

4,195.00 KShs

  • Hot & Normal water dispenser
  • Table top sturdy design
  • Cup holder compartment
  • 2 Faucets with 1 outlet for easy mixing
  • Silicon pipes and Stainless steel tank for hygenic water

Bruhm is a leading manufacturer of electronic home appliances sold across 11 countries in Africa.  Their products are affordable, innovative and durable. For every household and kitchen need, Bruhm has an appliance that will make every task simple and fun and turns your house into a home.


Ideal for the Workplace

This table top water dispenser is ideal for a home or office environment as it is not only easy to use but also features a easy access design that is convenient for use on a table. No need to wake up from your workstation and walk far to fetch a cup of water, do it from your table.

Get Value for Money

This Bruhm Hot & Normal Water Dispenser is practical and easy to use. Apart from its practicality it also offers the option of dispensing room temperature and Hot water. Also it has cup holder to keep upto 10 cups inside. Very ideal for commercial use.

Ensures Hygiene

This water dispenser is as handy and convenient as they come‎.‎‎ It also features an anti‎-bacterial design that ensures the water stays clean and safe with silicon pipes and stainless steel water tanks.


Key Features

  • High Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Low power consumption.
  • S/S Tank
  • Ideal for the office environment
  • Overheat Protection.


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