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Bruhm Standing Cooker 60cm x 60cm 3G+1E – INOX-BGC 6631NX

28,995.00 KShs

  • Oven Auto ignition
  • Metal top lid
  • Tray & Grid
  • Double Glass Oven Door
  • 3 gas + 1 hotplate
  • Stainless steel top

Bruhm is a leading manufacturer of electronic home appliances. Their products are affordable, innovative and durable. For every household and kitchen need, Bruhm has an appliance that will make every task simple and fun and turns your house into a home.

Auto Ignition

No need to look for match sticks when using the gas burner. This cooker comes with auto ignition.

Easy Cleaning

The surface material of this cooker makes it easy to clean. The panels are also removable so you can thoroughly clean.

Oven & Electric Grill

Prepare your food in other ways other than direct cooking. By using the oven and grill, food acquires a stronger, sweeter and healthier flavour.

Technical Specifications

  • 3 gas burner + Hot Plate
  • Color : Inox
  • Oven interior light
  • Easy-cleaning oven
  • Rotessorie
  • Oven Timer and Temp Setting


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