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Tag: Automatic Camping Tent

Automatic Camping Tent

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  • Automatic Camping Tent 3-4 People

    KSh 6,999
    • Tent features: breathable, sun protection, quick opening .
    • Save time and effort, one person can easily open the tent.
    • The higher the value, the better the waterproof effect, we choose the better fabric.
    • The bottom of the tent is laminated to prevent water seepage.
    • The joint between the tent exterior and the tent bottom, Add waterproof strip glue, Prevent rainwater from penetrating into the ten from all sides.
    • The top of the interior of the tent is equipped with a hook for hanging camping lights, which makes it easy to get up at night. Letter buckle: It makes the internal and external connections of the tent more secure and effectively resists strong winds
    •  Easier to store and carry
    • Size; L210 xW150xH125
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